Reviewed by Carol Kaufman Segal


The Art of Mistakes is not a true lesson book, but more one of encouraging artists to embellish on mistakes that they might make. Sound strange? Melanie Rothschild supported herself as a self-taught artist for many years. When she decided it was time to be taught art, she took a class, and after the first night, realized that working on her own gave her more freedom to be creative.

Her independence and her continuing creative methods prompted her to take a more formal study, a masters of science in the Study of Creativity. If she makes a mistake in any project, she relates how using her creativity gives her the way to make something new and different by that error.

She offers sixteen painting techniques to encourage creative thinking and encourages experimenting. You will find many pictures of works of art in vivid colors throughout the book that came from making mistakes and turning pieces into beautiful art by Ms Rothschild.

Even if you are already a competent artist, this book could be of value in giving you an insight into something you have probably never tried or thought to have tried. If you think you are creative, but have not tried to perform any artwork, just look at the lovely pieces of art in Melanie Rothschild’s book and imagine what you might be able to create if you only try.

The Art of Mistakes by Melanie Rothschild is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other outlets.

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